1. Japster

    Icarus - (Working title) - a shoot-em-up idea I started a few days ago!

    Hi guys! - Well, after being kindly pointed towards @Pixelated_Pope 's FANTASTIC pixel perfect collision blog and project, I thought I'd give an old-skool side scrolling shoot-em-up a go! I'm a slow coder, but I'm pleased with how much progress I've managed to make in 4-5 days coding, mainly...
  2. 2

    Asset - Graphics [Delete]

    Delete this please
  3. abeldev

    CONSCRIPT - 2D WW1 Classic Survival Horror!

    You guys may remember my little 2D horror game called Project Abel. It has now morphed into a bigger and better project: CONSCRIPT! CONSCRIPT is a 2D classsic survival horror game set during WW1 with a pixelart lowres aesthetic. It shares game design philosophies with classic Resident Evil and...
  4. L

    Demo Crimson Fog

    Crimson Fog is a 2D action adventure game inspired by Metroid and Zelda II - Adventure of Link. You play as a bat named Ralph as he goes on an adventure to obtain 7 Crystal Medallions hidden in dungeons with the help of a cult known as the Crimson Fog. Along the way, there will be quests...
  5. S

     16-bit-ish Penguin platformer

    WHAT IS IT? It's a penguin platformer with dozens of levels and challenges that has you running through terrain, jumping over hazards, chaining a score together and belly sliding down hills through ice blocks. In addition to challenges and hand made maps, there is an infinite runner mode...
  6. bbbower

    Alpha [Unamed 16-Bitish Match 3]

    I'm working on a match 3 game. I don't in particular like match 3 games. I've never played candy crush ripoff but I have played original bejeweled a long time ago. I've only put about 20 or so hours into this since Wednesday but it was coming along pretty good until I ran into some logic gate...
  7. SpartanSteve

    iOS iOS, Android, HTML5 Helicopter game meets Flappy Bird

    Download: Flappy Fly V1.0 just released on Android and now on iOS too!! (Only took an extra three weeks but I'll take it). And if mobile isn't your thing you can play out a rough port of the gameplay with HTML5 here. Store Description: The gameplay in Flappy Fly is simple: touch the screen to...
  8. Peyton Burnham

    Behind the Rose (Turn-Based RPG) - False 3D elements

    YO! This is a big update after a very long time! So if you thought this looked like kind of okay back then, then here you go! Best place for updates is my Twitter!: https://twitter.com/peydinburnham Hi! My name is Peyton Burnham and this is my dumb game! Behind the Rose is a turn-based RPG...
  9. U

    Looking for SFX libraries

    Hi all! First time game maker here. I'm making a commercial project and I'm looking for crunchy 8/16 bit sfx for my game. Similar to Gameboy, GBC, NES and SNES games What libraries/sources would you recommend? I'm having difficulty locating sites that offer large libraries of sound that are for...