1. zendraw

    game maker 14804

    i want to download game maker 1.4.804, any links?
  2. paulog

    Legacy GM Check collision with all objects but self?

    Hello! I'm making a simple game in GM1.4 and I want to check if an object is colliding with any other object but not with itself. This is the code I'm using: if position_meeting(x,y,all) { global.free = 1 } if !position_meeting(x,y,all) { global.free = 0 } Tha variable global.free is always...
  3. Pretorg

    SOLVED Tiled background size and performance

    I have been using in my project 4 600x600 backgrounds tiled (as they are smaller than the room), the first is just a solid colour, the other backgrounds have some scattered sprites. I am implementing random events on the game and one of them requires a different background which is a radioactive...
  4. SteamingBullet

    Legacy GM Dying sometimes causes the game to break? But only sometimes?

    I've been working on this platformer beat em up-esque game for about a month now, and met my first infuriating bug with it. It's hard to explain because as far as I know it's inconsistent and nothing seems to directly cause it. When you run out of health in game, the character becomes a "death"...
  5. Ryscale

    Gamemaker 1.4 Top down movement

    So currently I'm working on a top down game, but the sprite animations only consists of left and right (like crypt of the necrodancer) I've been trying to get the up and down animation done depending on the last direction the player was facing. Here is my step event code so far. For some reason...
  6. Ssnakee

    Legacy GM Charactor stuck in wall if hitting corner, platformer

    Alright, so I am working on a platformer game in which you play as a slime and make your way through levels. I am using a heavily modified version of Shaun Spalding's code. I have many different sprites that I switch between, however I gave them all the same collision box. (Modified). I suspect...
  7. Ferrettomato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Resetting persistent rooms from other rooms

    My game has multiple persistent rooms that should maintain their states until the player returns to the main menu. However, I've been having trouble finding a way to reset all those rooms without actually going to each one and restarting it from within, which feels overly complicated and hacky...
  8. T

    Steam build keeps wanting to install - will not run

    I have been stuck on this all day. Uploaded a build to Steam for the first time. At first I was using NSIS installer, but I switched to compressed zip, thinking that would solve my issue. Nope. When I try and run my game through Steam, it downloads OK. But when I click on the icon, the game...
  9. NeZvers

    GML Grid collision system with slopes (keep ignoring)

    EDIT: Thanks for help!
  10. J

    Question - IDE Question about Creators

    This isn't much for me as it's a gift for someone, but I'm wanting to purchase the Creator's WIN version. Out of curiosity does anyone know if this version carries 1.4 as well?
  11. A

    Grid based system - Nested grids and lists

    Hi everyone, I'm new here on the forums, but I have been reading a lot. Thank you for being such an helpful community. Please be patient, I'm not that much familiar with Gamemaker. I have been trying for a few days to figure out a grid system for an exploration/city building game prototype...
  12. YanBG

    Windows Not using any sprites. Good or bad?

    Might fit programming forum too but i want a longer discussion. Actually right now i have one sprite, having 1 pixel, to be able to use the mp_ functions but i draw everything else from backgrounds which are included files.
  13. sv3nxd

    Legacy GM [Djikstra's Pathfinding] Did I do it right?

    Hello game-maker-community, I've been working on a pathfinding-algorithm since yesterday morning. I didn't find any tutorials on how to implement it in GML nor what the most cost-effecient is. This is really important to me, as pathfinding has been a problem for me for atleast half a year (If...
  14. Y

    Android Extension not creating Social Async

    Hello all! First time poster, long time lurker. I would normally refrain from bugging you all with a problem which likely has a very simple solution, but this has left me baffled. This is the Java extension code: This is the GML code that runs the functions: And this is in the Social...
  15. M

    Legacy GM Using Arrays in Collision Commands?

    Hello all! I've been trying for hours to figure out this issue, and all I can find are guides that tell me how to make an array, with none showing how to properly activate the entirety of one. (If it's even possible?) I'm using a very basic step code that checks if the player will collide with...
  16. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] In a for loop assign incremental numbers when creating the same object

    I'm trying to create an inventory and I hit a snag. I have a object called obj_invbox and it has a single variable initialized in the create event. I have a for loop that will create that object multiple times but the variable in my previously mentioned object needs to be set differently. For...
  17. Azenris

    Legacy GM [Solved] Shader Uniform Not Setting

    Hi ! I have a problem I'm not understanding. Am I allowed to change a uniform more than once ? ATM i have the following code. var from; var to; var horizontal = false; from[0] = bloom_surface; to[0] = blurred_bloom_surface; from[1] = blurred_bloom_surface...
  18. T

    Legacy GM help in putting a state setup and state screen

    The game go's from room to room and i need a code that times the player in the room with the time showing at the top of the screen and when you go to the next room makes a ghost like time under the new time for 20 sec or so and then after some many levels the times get posted on the screen that...
  19. angelwire

    Legacy GM [Unsolved but Useless] Compress sprite to binary alpha values using shader

    EDIT: After some tests, it turns out that the speed of buffer_get_surface for an 8x8 surface is pretty much the same speed as what it would be for a 256x256 surface. So not only will this not make my game faster, but it would slow it down. Never figured out why the shader didn't work but it's...
  20. M

    Music doesn't continue after restarting the room. :(

    I know this is pretty simple stuff, but i can't get music to keep playing after i restart the room. It just restarts the music and i'm not sure how to fix it. Music playing object (in "Create"): if !audio_is_playing(snd_ms1) { audio_play_sound(snd_ms1,1,true) } And under 'R' key in a...