1.4 to 2

  1. T

    help updating an old project

    I would like to see the source code to a old pokemon movement engine on the game maker legacy forums. My issue is the file is a .gmk, but there does not seem to be a way to open it in game maker studio 2. Could some one with a older version of game maker studio update the .gmk so I can view it...
  2. C

    Question - IDE Old G.M.S 1.4 projects are compatible with G.M.S 2?

    I want to buy the newly released Game Maker Studio 2, but I don't know if G.M.S 2 will compile my old projects without errors which were made using G.M.S 1.4?
  3. iTzCallumUK

    Discussion Upgrade From Steam Version

    https://www.yoyogames.com/get2# says that you can upgrade Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 for a discounted price. Was wondering if this will include the Steam Version of the game or not. Thanks, Callum